KORAIL PASS - Travel around South Korea with an unlimited-ride pass !

by - Thursday, October 15, 2015

If you plan to visit Korea and want to travel around not within Seoul or Busan by trains,
you might save your expense by using KORAIL PASS or KR PASS.

สำหรับข้อมูล KR PASS ภาษาไทย สามารถติดตามอ่านได้ที่ลิงค์นี้เลยค่ะ
เที่ยวทั่วเกาหลีแบบประหยัดด้วยพาสสุดคุ้ม KR PASS

It's a special unlimited-ride pass for the Standard
Class seats of the KTX, KTX-Sancheon, Saemaeul,
Mugunghwa and Nuriro trains for a fixed period of time 

Update as at August 1, 2017

I will leave information about old system (before August 1, 2017)
 for those who already made the reservation with the old one.
I will eventually remove it from my blog soon.


The 1, 3, 5 and 7 day pass must be used in consecutive days.
 Newly pass, Flexible Pass will be valid only 10 days.
You can choose your travel dates as you wish within 10 days.

If you plan to go to Busan as one-day trip,
it's better to use this pass than buying a regular ticket.
It is so much cheaper.

Youth Pass for those ages who are 13 between 25 or students hold ISIC card.


You can buy it online, some travel agencies, or KORAIL Travel Center
and redeem it at a KORAIL station and Incheon International Airport.

If you want to buy more than 1 pass (must be the same schedules as you),
at Passenger Style Type, choose "SAVER"
They will ask for information of your companion.

As you can see in the photo, once you make a reservation it online,
don't forget to print out your e-voucher/ticket !
They don't allow you to redeem to the real one without this voucher paper!

Update as at August 1, 2017

The first date of travel with KORAIL PASS is the first date you will use the pass,
not like the old system that required your date of arrival in Korea.
You can change this date only one time after making a reservation
so be sure about your schedule before booking.

You can use the document you print after you make a reservation on KORAIL website
as your KR Pass or you might as well print it at any KORAIL stations in Korea.
(Please remember that reissue a Korail Pass is possible only one time
at ‘MY RESERVATION’ or Korail travel centers of stations.)

You should select your first date of travel within 90 days after the date you purchase the KR Pass.


You can redeem it any KORAIL station. Don't need to be on the date you want to use.
Just tell the staff which date you want to use.
At the KORAIL counter, you need to show
your passport, e-voucher and credit card you have used to make a reservation.
(They will charge you on this day.)

For the Saver pass, you will get only 1 KR pass per group.
You will also have to show all of your companions' passports when you redeem it.

You must redeem your voucher at a KORAIL station within 180 days
from the date, the voucher is purchased.


At the KORAIL station, show your KORAIL PASS
and tell them which train you want to make a reservation.
You can make it in advance to be sure you will have a seat.
(For me, I only reserved my seat in advance for 1 day if it's not during Korea peak period.)

Update as at August 1, 2017

You can book your ticket in advance for 1 month on KORAIL website
at 'My Reservation' or at any KORAIL stations.

Tickets purchased online can be printed from home or picked up from the station.

To board a train, you need to bring your KORAIL Pass, passport,
and train ticket with a confirmed seat.

If you miss that train you've reserved,
you can make a new one without paying anything more!
Just return the old ticket and they will reserve a new seat for you.

Enjoy your trip! 

Please do NOT take this out! 
ไม่อนุญาตให้นำออกจาก Blog นี้นะคะ 

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to ask about the Saver Pass. Do you only get 1 KR pass for the entire group? Do you have to show your companions' passport when claiming the KR pass? Thanks!

    1. Hello!
      Yes, you will only receive 1 KR Pass per group.
      You will have to show all of your companions' passports when claiming it at the counter.

    2. Got it! One last question please :) Do you also need to show all passports when booking tickets for the group?

    3. No, you don't need to. Just show your KR Pass at the counter.

    4. thank you so much! great blog you have here on korea. i'm from the philippines, and a big fan of korea as well. my upcoming trip will be my 9th visit, but it's the first time i'll be riding on the ktx and going to busan. so excited! anyway thanks again and more power :)

    5. I'm glad to know that my blog is useful and help you plan your trip.
      Nice to meet you! You visit Korea so often.
      Busan is a great city. I want to go to Busan again.
      There are still many places that I want to visit.
      KTX is really convenient and comfortable for taking a long trip.
      There is also free WiFi.

      Feel free to ask me anything!
      Enjoy your trip! ^^

  2. Hi, I'll visit Korea in Sept. Do you know, if we could exchange the e-ticket for KTX 3 day pass in any KTX station? I'll arrive Busan and directly take bus to Gyeongju. I hope to redeem the KTX pass the next day in Singyeongju Station. Is it possible?

    1. Hi! You can exchange KR pass at Busan station.
      I am not sure for Singyeongju Station since KORAIL website wrote as

      "You can exchange the voucher with a KORAIL PASS at the main stations or at every station office in Korea."

      KTO website:

      Exchanging ticket sales

      - Incheon Airport Railroad Information Center: 09:00-21:30 (open all year round)
      - Seoul Station: 09:00-18:00 (open on weekdays / closed on weekends & holidays)
      - Busan Station: 09:00-18:00 (open on weekdays / closed on weekends & holidays)

      It would be great if you exchange it at Busan station.
      I don't know whether they refer Singyeongju Station as "main station".

      You can redeem it before the day you would like to use.
      Just tell the officer which date do you want to start using your KR Pass.

      From my experience, I redeemed at Incheon Airport.

  3. Hi!I'm Mashi & i'll be going to Korea this April. I would like to know can we pay in cash if we use others credit card (she/he is not in the trip) when making reservation?

    1. I'm not sure since I used my own credit card.
      However I have read on AREX blog that you can pay in cash instead and they will void your credit card transaction.
      Otherwise, you can buy KR Pass by cash without online reservation at Incheon Int'l Airport Station and Travel Center.

      It would be great if you can let me know whether you succeed in paying in cash without bringing the credit card.
      Seems there are many people having the same case as you.

    2. Hi there, just to update you with my recent experience in buying KR pass..
      Fyi, we can't pay by cash...however..if you bring & activate your debit card for overseas transaction, the AREX staff can help you rebooking new KR pass & cancelling the previous booking...hope this help...

    3. Thank you for sharing useful infomation, Mashi ! Your contribution will help others a lot! ^^

  4. Hi, is it that if I buy this 1 day KR pass, I need not buy return trip ticket? Thanks a lot!

    1. KR Pass provides you unlimited rides for any korail train. If you buy 1-Day pass, you can take trains as many as you can within one day. However, you need to use your pass to book train tickets for every trip you would like to take.

  5. Hi

    Is the credit card swiped when claiming the KR pass?

    1. From my experience, they did not swiped my credit card. They just checked that it's the same card I used when I made a reservation on the website.

  6. Hey, im goin to visit Seoul on April. Me and 3 of my friends planning to go to busan for 2 days. So if we buy the 2 days flexi, we can choose the time we want right?

    1. With Flexible 2 Day Pass, you can choose which date you want to use it which you can choose 2 days. If you you are going to Busan and going back within 2 days, I think this one is perfect for you.

      Have a nice trip!

  7. hi! so i plan to buy the 5 day KR pass,
    can i use it going to busan from seoul via ktx?

    1. Yes, you can use it to take KTX train from Seoul to Busan. Just show your KR pass at the counter to issue a train ticket.


    3. Yes, you can take various types of KORAIL's train. KTX is one of them.

  8. Hi, I read the other blog stated that using korail pass, we can't booked the seat in advance, is that true? I am planning to go Seoul-Busan during weekend and I am afraid I will not get a seat since I read a few blogs saying that usualy it's quite crowded during weekend.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello,

      After you get your KR pass, you can use it to book the seat in advance 'at KORAIL counters' not their website. When I used it, I also booked my seat before the day I actually took the trains. I even suggest everyone to book in advance if they pass by any KORAIL station so you don't need to be hurry to arrive at the station for booking your seat. Sometimes there are long queues at the counters.

      Hope my suggestion will help you. If you have any experience about KORAIL pass or KTX you want to share, please feel free to come back and make a comment. I would love to read it.

      Have a great time!

    2. Hello,
      Thanks for ur reply. I just wanna share my experience purchasing the korail pass.

      Like you said, I can exchange the pass in any korail stations so once I landed at Incheon, I exchange the pass and reserve the seat. It's not recommended to go during public holidays because all the tickets are mostly sold out.
      Like my case, my return trip from Ulsan to Seoul, I can't get the the time that I want but luckily I still can go back on the same day before my pass expired :))

    3. By using KR Pass, we cannot make a reservation via website or until we arrive in Korea. As you have said the tickets are sold out fast during public holidays so better avoid during those periods.

      Glad to know you have a great experience with KTX and thank you for sharing with me!

  9. Hi,
    Your blog is so informative! Can I ask you about booking the tickets in advance? Btw, your blog is the only place I've read about advance booking the tickets.
    I intend to book an advance ticket for an overnight train from Cheongnyangni to Jeongdongjin. Is it possible for me to book the ticket at Seoul Station 2 days before the departure? I need to do this as my itinerary is packed and I would not be arriving at Seoul until the actual night I need to depart from Cheongnyangni. I hope my question is not vague. :)

    1. Hello,

      Yes, you can book your ticket up to 1 month in advance. If your plan is so packed, you should better make a reservation in advance to make sure you have a seat for that time. As I have said in this post, I also booked my tickets in advance too.

      Thank you for visiting my blog. This post is based on my experience using train in Korea so I'm glad you find it useful. Hope you will have a great time in your trip. If you have more tip or suggestion about Korea, please feel free to share with me.


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